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September 23, 2003

the things you learn--after the fact

I just spent an evening (sick as a dog--terrible cough deep in my chest, I might add) visiting with a very dear friend that I worked with back in the height of the dot.com era. The web consulting firm that we were working at (and with the brand that I built from scratch!) was beginning to boom. After a year and a half, everything tanked.

My friend told me tonight about the deal that should have happened, but didn't. The company was offered a buyout of $680,000,000--this when the company (and yes, Niki, this would have been when you were there) was probably less than 50 people. The then CEO (an amazing guy, honestly, despite this decision), decided to hold out for more. The deal never happened.

I would have been long since retired. If only. If only.

I'm still in shock by this knowledge!

Posted by crystallyn at September 23, 2003 09:12 PM

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Man, bummer. I can only take comfort in the fact that with reflection, I would still be loving what I am doing now - being a full-time student.

Posted by: niki at September 23, 2003 10:12 PM

I keep kicking myself for not selling my Yahoo stocks when they soared in value. Now they're worth, what?, a tenth of that value. O well!

Posted by: Ancarett at September 24, 2003 06:46 PM

Blimey, I don't blame you for being in shock!

Posted by: Nikki-ann at September 28, 2003 05:02 PM