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September 29, 2003

here we go again

laid off once more, yes, once more. But it's all good. Decent severance package, no more horrid meanie boss, no more dealing with uncaring greedy executive management, no more dealing with wondering what is going on. They laid off over 30 people, mostly directors and middle management. Easy way to add $ back to the bottom line. At the expense of quality, customer service and the integrity of the organization.

It was the best job I ever had, so there is some sadness that is residual. But not a lot...that job ended in August when the new company merged in and my former boss resigned.

Besides, there are new opportunities around the corner. Three of them on my plate at the time being, one of which was waiting on my voicemail when I arrived home.

And Montreal was WONDERFUL! More about that later...

Posted by crystallyn at September 29, 2003 05:09 PM

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Condolences on the job loss but it's clear you've long moved on. And it sounds like more good things are 'round the bend.

Let us know how Montreal was. Mike's hometown, dontcha know, so we're quite familiar with it!

Posted by: Ancarett at September 29, 2003 07:16 PM

Aww! Condolences and congrats at the same time, it would appear. Sometimes it's better to be forced out of a bad situation, n'cest pas?

Posted by: Redpanda at September 30, 2003 08:01 AM

Best of luck finding a new gig. I don't think I know anybody anymore who hasn't been laid off at some point.

Posted by: Mike at September 30, 2003 11:20 AM

Mmm, severance goodness...did you score unemployment as well?

Posted by: sjc at September 30, 2003 01:03 PM

I am sure an even better opportunity will be around the corner.

Posted by: Heidi at September 30, 2003 08:38 PM